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French Contemporary Flair

Public Art Project, City of Milton Town Hall- Art Consulting

As part of the furnishings effort for Milton’s new City Hall, it was determined early in the project to use Milton artists for the proposed art work. Finding Isabelle was like a dream come true because not only did her artistic, abstract  style fits perfectly into the contemporary/industrial style of the interior architecture of the building, but her colors also worked perfectly! Her art truly adds to the ambiance of the space – it makes it a happy place to work and we, the staff, enjoy it each and every day! We had commissioned a special piece for one of our entrances and Isabelle delivered it within a very tight timeframe. She also assisted with the installation of her art pieces. Isabelle has a very friendly, can-do spirit which makes her a delight to work with.  

The public is invited to come by and visit our new City Hall to see several of her art pieces on display!  

Kathy Field

Community Development Director

City of Milton

This project was about creating a balance visual flow throughout the whole building. Taking in consideration sizes, colors and style of each painting throughout  the rooms and hallways was key. The endless hallway had to get some horizontal lines, the painting in the innovative room had to provoke refection and the commission work in the Main Entrance had to reflects Milton's Spirit..and so on. How fun it was to put it all together!  Anytime again. Contact me for any of your residential or small businesses art project. I will be thrilled to introduce you to my work.