French Expressionist Contemporary Artist

Thank you very much for coming over last night with your paintings and helping me decide on which one fit my space best.  All your art is lovely.  The simple trees give me so much energy.  The minimal rings make me think of inclusion.  You have quite an impact on our home.  I like the combination of the continuous tree space and the inclusion of all.



I bought a beautiful painting of yours ... last week and I'm loving it in my family room! Every time I come in the room, your painting just makes me happy.



Isabelle, I am always impressed with your work. Today's work reminds me of a Monet. Gentle water with puffy clouds and the sun rising or setting. Either way, it is a comforting piece.



Isabelle staged one of my vacant listings and shortly after we had an offer from a prospective buyer.

Her artwork definitely helped to warm up the space and create appeal for buyers.

Thank you Isabelle!

Andrea Cueny, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's  International Realty.


Commission work: The  piece is absolutely beautiful and fits the room very well.  
Thanks again,


Isabelle is an accomplished artist whose work is inspiring and timeless. Working with her is a pleasure whether purchasing a completed work or commissioning a personalized piece. Paintings by Isabelle are truly treasures.

Dianne Napier-Wilson
High-tech Executive, retired