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Artist's Challenge.( Personal notes)

Posted on April 13, 2019 at 5:45 PM

As an Expressionist artist you have the obligation to be innovative. The best way to go is being yourself.

Being yourself is scary . 

After many years when you finally think you get closer to finding yourself and feel strong enough you might find your expression, the one that really feels like you. Then comes the scary part.

As I am feeling out of process, maybe a bit disrespecful (later blog post), deeply in me I feel strong about what I am creating, but how do I go from there. Being different should open doors!  Being different means YOU have to prove your process and yourself even more. It means you are alone.

I am so done explaining myself, justifying my work.  

I am passionate. Don't get me started about what motivates me. Everything is beginning to make one and it is a good feeling. 

Finding new gallery and make a name for yourself. I feel I need to take a high though. I need to be even stronger... 

I am still hanging on my older series as a safety net. 

#calligraffitti, #beingyourself #selfexpression #feelingalone #bestrong #modern inimalism #minimalism /#isabellegautier #artistisabellegautier

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