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Chen Tai chi as part of my training

Posted on October 11, 2019 at 11:50 AM

I have always put a lot of energy into my paintings. But as I began my minimalist series i faced the challenge of representing energy . I KNOW there is energy in a non-moving person, or even in a stone. But, how to represent it ?

This challenge applied also to myself on a personal level. 

Nine months ago, I decided I would take time to learn more about energy  and decided to explore Chen Tai Chi martial art.   

One of the basic exercise in Chen Tai Chi is the "Silk Reeling", an inernal art of high power and energy that you practice with outer movements at the beginning, but that a seasoned practicioner can actually exercise  fully without visible expression in outer movements.

This is a very  important movement that take years to master. I have not been practicing enough yet to even understand it all.

But this week end i will participate in a three day workshop by Grand Master Zhu Tian Cai from Chen Jiagou prov, Henan, China and I am very excited. 

Stay tuned.

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