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SingulART new Hans Hartung Collection

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A Poem From Antibes- The Nomad-

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                                                                                                              The  Nomad, Antibes, 2020. Photography by Gautier


     The Nomad of Antibes


Like the Nomad

Looking out to the sea I contemplate

Head in the cloud, illuminated at night,

I play with the seasons

I live in the moment


Like the Nomad

I crossed the ocean

Now visiting my motherland

Why ever declare one is yours

Why not be a citizen of the world


Like The Nomad

I am growing on experiences,

Rather than collecting them as trophies,

I don’t have shelves anymore

I left my belongings


Like the Nomad

There is no frontier I can’t cross

The colorful facades are from another time

Blue sails are scribbling the sea

Children play on the street


Like the Nomad

I stand still

Paradox of this time

By order of law we live in lockdown

Some are reminded of the past


Like the Nomad

I am free


Poem by Isabelle Gautier. Sabbatical/Lockdown2 in France. Dec 2020, Antibes