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A Poem From Antibes- The Nomad-

Posted on December 6, 2020 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)


                                                                                                              The  Nomad, Antibes, 2020. Photography by Gautier


     The Nomad of Antibes


Like the Nomad

Looking out to sea I contemplate

Head in the cloud, illuminated at night,

I play with the seasons

I live in the moment


Like the Nomad

I crossed the ocean

Now visiting my motherland

Why ever declare one is yours

Why not be a citizen of the world


Like The Nomad

I am growing on experiences,

Rather than collecting them as trophies,

I don’t have shelves anymore

I left my belongings


Like the Nomad

There is no frontier I can’t cross

The colorful facades are from another time

Blue sails are scribbling the sea

Children play on the street


Like the Nomad

I stand still

Paradox of this time

By order of law we live in lockdown

Some are reminded of the past


Like the Nomad

I am free


Poem by Isabelle Gautier. Sabbatical/Lockdown2 in France. Dec 2020, Antibes

Why is important to acquire art at the time of the COVID-19?

Posted on May 23, 2020 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (2)

There are many reasons why you would want to buy art. Art can be an investment, a message, a campaign, a decor, either way today more than ever buying art seems the way to go.

Not everybody can afford spending money on a piece of art! I get that, I do. Hey, I can't always afford my art!  but for those who can because they have discretionary funds, because they still have their job, because they have not spend as much during the Stay-at-Home order now is the time.

During the last months you spent a great amount of time inside you house.You probably realized you need to tweak your decor a bit. 

In the up coming months you won't be able or you won't want to spend as much on clothes or you won't eat out as much. You won't really be willing to travel as much. 

Your direct environement is becoming more and more important. Your house, more than ever needs to become YOUR home, a place of recomfort, a place that reflects your personality, a place where you can dream and "virtually travel". A sculpture, a painting could be the  solution, the support for your dream. 

Art galleries are still operating virtually but artists have opened up their studio. They are here to share their message, their dream, their struggle and create what we all share.

Artists for most have been painting a lot during their confinement and their creations is a testimony of our time. A time of fracture, rupture, change we all want to put behind us, but at the same time a time we want to build on, a time of reflection.

This year has been and will be a year of big change for everybody.  Where do we go from here?

To grow from this rupture we need to build on it and not forget. We need a gentle reminder of what went wrong, of what the world before was and see how we can adjust going forward . We need a time of reflection but a time of distraction to.

More than ever we need to pause. Have you ever spend minutes, hours looking at a painting? I have, and my thoughts are not always the same during that process. it is amazing how a painting can hep you escape.

Enjoy art!

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