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Happy holidays and happy new year 2019

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Commission artwork by artist Isabelle Gautier

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This commission work was  a collaboration between the client and the artist. The client selected one of my painting and from there asked me to created a similar artwork but different size. The custom size canvas had to have a custom frame . With the client we chose the shine of the painting, matte white background and shiny satin black marks for a perfect striking contrast. Then the client suggested a bit more gold leaf, so I added some in the perfect spot, but then I felt the black itself needed to be tweaked to respect the balance. It is a whole, and very often you will end up changing more that just a spot..

Here is a picture of the result before shipping.

Art in situ by Isabelle Gautier's Black and White

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Artclectic art show represents the art of 50 artists. It is an annual art show , fundraiser for the University School of Nashville. Just outside Vanderbilt campus one block away from the bridge is where all happens during three intense days of art viewing.

The crowd is just amazing.

For more info about what art artist Isabelle Gautier was presenting please visit" target="_blank">

Commission work accepted.

ARTclectic Nashville Art Show

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Presentating my art to the Nashville crowd is a blast!!  Here, Donna Gillian from Donna Interiors Nashville, TN.

Spontaneity and Respect

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"While spontaneity is a relatively rare phenomenon in our culture, we are not entirely devoid of it… We know of individuals who are — or have been — spontaneous, whose thinking, feeling, and acting were the expression of their selves and not of an automaton. These individuals are mostly known to us as artists. As a matter of fact, the artist can be defined as an individual who can express himself spontaneously. If this were the definition of an artist — Balzac defined him just in that way — then certain philosophers and scientists have to be called artists too, while others are as different from them as an old-fashioned photographer from a creative painter. There are other individuals who, though lacking the ability — or perhaps merely the training — for expressing themselves in an objective medium as the artist does, possess the same spontaneity. The position of the artist is vulnerable, though, for it is really only the successful artist whose individuality or spontaneity is respected; if he does not succeed in selling the art, he remains to his contemporaries a crank, a “neurotic.” The artist in this matter is in a similar position to that of the revolutionary throughout history. The successful revolutionary is a statesman, the unsuccessful one a criminal..(...)

There is nothing more attractive and convincing than spontaneity whether it is to be found in a child, in an artist, or in those individuals who cannot thus be grouped according to age or profession." Eric Fromm