French Contemporary Flair


Isabelle Gautier

 French Contemporary Flair

Expressionist visual Artist

Owner of Isabelle Gautier's ART, LLC

Gautier was born in Normandy, France.

Influenced by contemporary Expressionist artists like R. Motherwell, Franz Kline, J. Pollock or Pierre Soulages, and Asian art Gautier’s prolific work has a distinctive expressionist style that employs strong colors. Provocative, bold, poetic, and gestural, her art reflects dedication to spontaneity, energy and meditation.

In 1999 Gautier moved her family to Atlanta, where she now has her home studio and gallery.

Gautier’s formal training at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris established the base for discovery and self-teaching. Her travels across the globe have shaped the artist’s inspiration in multitude ways. Africa has developed her love for high pigmented paint and earthy colors. Asia has reinforced her minimalist inclination, her fascination for zen philosophy. Her rich French artistic heritage and coastal life in West of France is the perfect background for her freedom of expression and has revealed her undeniable affinity for the water element.

Gautier’s paintings have been featured in National art shows, TV series, HGTV show, international exhibits, Marietta-Cobb Museum, corporate offices, public spaces and residential homes across the States as well as Europe.

Gautier believes in supporting her community donating countless paintings and time to local organizations and charities mostly aiming to help children and women causes.

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