French Expressionist Contemporary Artist


Isabelle Gautier

 French Contemporary Flair

Expressionist visual Artist

Owner of Isabelle Gautier's ART, LLC

Isabelle Gautier is a contemporary artist whose oeuvre is a mélange of abstract expressionism and minimalist modern paintings and sculptures. 


Living in Paris in the late 1980’s Gautier visits museums, galleries, meets artists and discovers drawing and painting firsthand.


Her move to The United States in 1999 is decisive. It is in Atlanta, Georgia that she engages with artistic communities, develops a network of galleries, and participates in different exhibitions around the country.

Gautier rapidly affirms her passion for abstract expressionism and invites the observer to participate in her large gestural paintings on both an intellectual and emotional level.


The artist makes her mark as one of the early abstract modern expressionist artists in the South.  She designs and installs large public and corporate art projects. Her paintings are selected by Marietta Cobb Museum of Art and featured in international art shows, 

TV series and HGTV show. Gautier is especially thankful for the art projects she designed at the Milton City Hall, GA,  Atlanta Sotheby's Fine Home Realty offices and Monarch Building Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Very prolific, the artist will later be inspired by Asian art and philosophy, immersing herself in a more minimalistic world. Her paintings then evolve towards taschism and calligraffiti.  Her style becomes quite recognizable.


As an engaged artist, she is drawn to paint large portraits inspired by contemporary American authors like Nobel Prize novelist Toni Morrison who provided the inspiration for Gautier’s painting “The Bluest Eye”. “The Purple Child” was exhibited recently in SITE: Brooklyn, New York.


Today she has her studio in the south of France where she continues to create paintings and sculptures, always experimenting with new mediums and techniques.

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