French Contemporary Flair


Isabelle Gautier

 French Contemporary Flair

Expressionist visual Artist

Owner of Isabelle Gautier's ART, LLC

Gautier was born in Normandy, France.

In 1999 Gautier moved her family to Atlanta, where she now has her home studio/gallery.

Gautier likes to experiment, discover, learn and travel.

Curious about everything she is passionate about Asian art and specifically about calligraphy. Studying the art of writing with

 East Asian Calligraphy workshop taught by Kazuaki Tanahashi her interest  expands to Taiji. She believes that in order to understand  minimalistic art it is best to fully open herself to Asian philosophy. 
She is now studying Chen Style Tai Chi martial art with Professor Florin D. Szondi, (20th generation of Chen Taiji Family, Henan, China)

 Influenced by her recent studies,  the last past years her art has become more minimalist and mostly monochromatic.  We could describe her paintings as painted poetry, but is often described by the artist herself as calligraffiti, an art form that combines calligraphy, typography and graffiti. 

Also interested in graphic art and especially Basquiat's oeuvre Gautier creates graphic portraits, that are the reflect of the artist engagement . From women cause to under privileged children Gautier does not hesitate to fight through her art.

Gautier’s paintings have been featured in National art shows, TV series, HGTV show, international exhibits, Marietta-Cobb Museum, corporate offices, public spaces and residential homes across the States as well as Europe.

 Don't hesitate to CONTACT HER  for a studio visit. 

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